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Preventative Maintenance Service

Taking care of your car will extends its life and help you to avoid a costly breakdown.  Full service oil changes, tire rotations, engine tune ups, transmission fluid exhanges, and cooling systems services are just a few of the services we offer.  Pre-trip checks and winterization checks can help eliminate any surprises.   We can also service your vehicles timing belt and flush the fluid in your brake system.

Transmission & Drivetrain

Manual and Automatic Transmissions, Transfer Cases, and Axles can all be serviced and repaired right here.  Clutches, u-joints, bearings, gears and seals just to name a few.

Tires & Alignments

With hundreds of tires in stock we are sure to find one to fit both your driving demands as well as your budget.  When shopping tires, always compare the total out the door price and you'll see that we are hard to beat.  We offer industry leading tire balancing and road force measurement to ensure a comfortable ride.  Coupled with a steering and suspension check and 4 wheel alignment you will be sure to get the most life and best wear out of your tires.  Best yet with the purchase of 4 tires and alignment, you will receive free tire rotations for the life of those tires.

Custom Exhaust & Repair

Whether you're looking for a cool new sound for your ride or simply need a repair, we have you covered.  Bending our own pipes on site often allows us to replace only a faulty section of your system rather than the whole thing to ensure a budget friendly solution.  

Computerized Engine and Vehicle System Diagnostics

Whether it's just a warning light that's been driving you crazy or you're vehicle hasn't been performing the way it should, we have the tools, equipment and diagnostic expertise to check it out. 

Heating & AC Service

HVAC systems have become much more sophisticated in late model cars but the need for regular service remains the same.  We can provide that service to ensure your systems operating at it's best to keep you comfortable all year long.

Fuel System Repair

Proper fuel supply and fuel quality is a key factor in having your car's engine perform at it's best.  We can properly diagnose, service and make repairs to keep your engine running smooth.

Pa Safety & Emission Inspections

Cars and Light Trucks, Medium Duty Trucks, Motorcycles and Trailer Inspections can all be done right here.  We also can provide the ENHANCED Inspection required by the state to retitle a vehicle after a wreck or a special build.

Engine Repair

We can provide any repairs needed to your engine or cooling system big or small to keep it operating at it's best.  However if the time for replacement has come, we install Jasper Remanufactured Engines and Drivetrain Components

Braking System Service

Properly functioning foundation brakes are essential to ensure anti-lock brakes and vehicle stability control systems can do their part when the need arises.  Trust your vehicle's brakes to us, you'll be glad you stopped in. 

24 Hour Towing Service

Flat Tire, Dead Battery or Vehicle Breakdown?  Call Shenberger's Towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  for assistance.  We can also provide fuel deliveries, lockout service and winching.

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